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snow plowing

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If vehicles or other obstacles impede snow removal operations Contractor will remove the snow around them to the best of its ability. Contractor reserves the right to refuse to provide Services due to inaccessibility to Customer s property. All work will be performed diligently and in a safe timely professional and workmanlike manner according to standard industry practices and using good quality materials equipment and sufficiently trained personnel. -2- Term The term of this Contract is...
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in paragraph 3 above and based upon your ability to obtain a contractor or other type of expert service, the foregoing paragraph states that you (the customer) have entered into this agreement on an informal basis and as a temporary measure until you are able to select someone who can perform this work for you. If at any time you decide it would be beneficial for you to have a permanent contractor perform the work, you may terminate this written agreement at any time by giving notice to the Contractor and paying all amounts due as set out in contract. If you wish to terminate the current agreement for any reason, you must notify the Contractor within five (5) days of your decision. You may not assign your rights and obligations under this contract, whether temporarily or permanently, without the express written consent of the contractor. You acknowledge that you are the sole responsible person for any and all fees or other charges that may be incurred by the Contractor or any subcontractor. You acknowledge that any provision of this contract which impairs the contractual obligation of the Contractor to the customer may subject the customer to loss of the money or property to which the contract is applicable. All payments due to the Contractor for this work must be made by the due date listed in your original notice of subcontract. No cash shall be received by the Contractor to pay fees unless otherwise directed by the customer, in writing, to the Contractor prior to the date of the work. If the Contractor does not receive payment by that date, the contractor may be subject to immediate termination of their contract with the customer. Failure of either the Contractor or subcontractor to comply with the provisions of this contract is referred to and declared to be illegal by any civil laws of this state and upon conviction thereof it is declared to be a misdemeanor in accordance with Title 42-G-1 Section 13.7(a). Any such person/company/company corporation that violates Title 42-G-1 Section 13.7(a), may be charged by the Attorney General, with violation of Title 42, G and 1 1, 2 and Chapter 39, Title 29 of this code. The Attorney General of the State of Oregon may bring the criminal charges for such violation with the assistance of the FBI, by applying the Uniform Computer Interference and Theft Anti-theft legislation of the United States Code. For more information, please contact the Special Agent in Charge, Criminal Investigations Division, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives at (503) 893-9000. If the Contractor is
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